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I have finally decided to start a blog about food, recipes and  some favorite advice on health and kitchen tools. Some of my friends have asked me about my recipes, and you will find them here in my blog.

I get my inspiration from friends and family who cook for me, but also from great restaurant dishes.

I am not a follow-the-recipe type of person, partly because I am too lazy to measure. I also I think that everybody has different preferences and it is just a matter of adjusting spices and herbs for what you like. I tend to make my recipes a bit spicier than required.
My dishes are usually made with few ingredients and what I have in my refrigerator, although I do tend to have my refrigerator full of food so it makes it a lot easier to be creative.

I hope you will follow me on my blog and try out some of my dishes. Feel free to send me your favorite recipe.

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