It’s hard to not love a good pizza. I admit that when I eat out I usually go for the more traditional versions with tomato sauce and very few toppings, because it is hard to go wrong with simple, fresh ingredients in the Italian tradition. At home I will try and make more exotic pizza with … Continue reading


When it comes to making brunch, one of my simple pleasures is cooking something that looks and tastes great, but is really easy to make.  It’s hard not to love pancakes for brunch, but if you are like me, you prefer to start with a more savoury breakfast followed by a little something … Continue reading


Shakshuka is believed to have a Tunisian origin. It is a wonderful dish that we often eat for breakfast, but it is also great as a dinner meal, and basically consists of eggs baked in tomato sauce. I have had many different versions of this dish, including recipes with peppers and other … Continue reading