Vietnamese foodThis year my husband’s family came to spend the Christmas with us in New York City. They had never tried Vietnamese food before, so I took them to Thai Son, my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown. It has a hole-in-the-wall lunch spot ambiance – the food comes out quick, but is amazing and dirt-cheap. We usually come here for lunch, as it is not much of a romantic spot. A big group is ideal for sharing more dishes.

We ordered excessively, and shamelessly devoured it all.

We ordered:

No. 5- Tai pho, traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup (add some chili garlic sauce or Sriracha spicy sauce and hoisin sauce to taste, and plan to share one order)

No. 21 – Goi Cuon summer rolls, with shrimp and peanut sauce

No. 26 – Cha Gio spring rolls (wrap with a lettuce leaf around the roll and some mint, and dip in nước mắm  based fish sauce)

No. 38 – Grilled caramelized pork chop (wrap meat, mint, and angel noodles with a lettuce leaf, and dip in fish sauce)

No. 45 – Banh mi Ca ri Ga chicken curry, with French bread for dipping

No. 83 – Bo Luc Lac beef salad with rice

No. 104 – Rau muong xao toi sautéed water spinach with garlic

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