perfect crispy baconSometimes you just need a little bacon. I try to stay healthy by eating a lot of vegetables and very little meat during the week, but on some rare occasions I can’t resist.  Frying bacon can be a messy process, leaving grease splattered everywhere and your clothes smelling like a fast food restaurant.

A simple trick to avoid that is by preparing bacon in the oven, where the bacon turns out perfectly shaped and crispy instead of shrunken and uneven.


  1. Line a baking sheet with foil for easy cleanup.
  2. Arrange the bacon slices on the foil andplace thebaking sheet in the center of a cold oven.
  3. Turn the oven up to 400 oF and let the oven do all the work for you.
  4. Keep an eye on the bacon and turn it once to get both sides evenly crispy.
  5. Once the bacon is brown and crispy transfer the bacon to another baking sheet lined with paper towels to absorb the excess grease.
  6. Eat and enjoy!Bacon in the ovenbacon baking in the ovenBacon

Tina Diep

I LOVE FOOD and better yet I LOVE TO COOK.

I can thank my Vietnamese roots. Vietnamese people use a great amount of time cooking and eating, traits which they have learned from their families. Everyone seems to know how to cook, and they are adept at picking fresh and quality foods from the market. Food is a priority in Vietnam – if you eat well, you live well.

I was born in Denmark, and in my mind I am a true Dane. Danish people cook a lot as well, but they prefer to spend less time in the kitchen and more time at the table. I consider myself Vietnamese from a culinary standpoint and Danish from a cultural standpoint (and I live in New York, which is a Mecca for foodies).

My mum is a great cook, she taught me how to chop vegetables and how to just randomly throw things together and somehow get an awesome meal. She makes cooking seem like art, and she is my inspiration for DiepLicious cooking.

My husband loves food as well and he has a great appetite. Cooking for him is a real joy. He has a great interest in everything that concerns health, and loves to point out specific foods and why they are good for you to eat. I will share his knowledge with you. He makes my cooking more challenging, but also a lot healthier.

I offer you one Golden Rule: to enjoy food fully, always taste the food even if you don’t like it. For me it takes a couple of tries to get to know the real flavor.


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